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Colt Anaconda 6" Revolver 44 Magnum Stainless Steel

Product Code : 098289005342


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This Colt model .44 magnum, 6 inch, 6 round, double-action revolver is another addition in Colt's highly collectible Snake Series. The Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum is built with an oversized Python action which provides a smooth trigger pull because it features a linear leaf spring design. Anaconda’s frame is solid stainless steel, with a Hogue grip to keep recoil in check. Since this Colt has significant recoil, the barrel is also made with a recessed target crown for added protection to the shooter. This revolver comes with interchangeable sights, a red ramp front sight, and the rear sight can be adjusted. Plus, the frame is already drilled and tapped so you can mount an optic.   

From the first model offered by Samuel Colt in the 1830s until the early 2000s, the heart of Colt's Manufacturing was the revolver. Colt made its name with its innovative revolving cylinder, first seen in the 1836 Paterson, and revolvers were a principal part of the company's product offerings until 2005, when the last limited-production models rolled out of Colt's factory. Now, Colt is reviving its legendary "Snake Gun" lineup, and the latest re-introduction in 2021 is the Colt Anaconda chambered in .44 Mag.

Built on an enlarged Python receiver, the Colt Anaconda revolver is made from stainless steel and incorporates the same Linear Leaf Spring mechanism as the second-generation Python. This contributes to the smooth trigger pull and crisp break encountered on these newer Colt revolvers, giving revolver fans a better experience than that found even on original Pythons and Anacondas.

Each Colt Anaconda is built with a double-action/single-action operating system and includes many of the characteristic traits first seen in the Python. These include the ventilated sighting rib, full underlug, ramped front sight and characteristic Colt cylinder latch. The guns are outfitted with Hogue rubber grips, which help to absorb recoil from hot .44 Mag. loads. You'll find fully adjustable sights on the Anaconda, as well as a drilled-and-tapped frame for mounting optics. At the muzzle end of the gun is a recessed target crown, which enhances accuracy while protecting the muzzle from damage.


  • .44 Magnum | .44 Special
  • 6 Round Capacity
  • 6 inch Barrel
  • Double-Action
  • Red Ramp Front Sight
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Optic Ready
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Black Hogue Rubber Grip

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