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YUGO M30 7.62x54R 182gr Surplus Brass Case FMJ (480rd Ammo Can)

Product Code : M30-480AC

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480 Round Ammo Can

This is Yugoslavian Surplus 7.62X54R M30 Ball ammunition made by Prvi Partizan, mostly in 1990s vintage from what I have seen but there is older and newer ammo in the mix and no special date selection is available. This ammo comes repacked this ammo into M2A1 type cans (50 cal size) and each can has 32 boxes of 15 rounds each. Yugoslavian M30 ball ammo is rarely seen in the US commercial market yet widely regarded as the best of the best when it comes to surplus 7.62x54R ammo, and features beautiful annealed brass case construction that looks like brand new commercial ammo.  The primers are Berdan and should be expected to be corrosive and lacquer sealed to prevent moisture form penetrating the cartridge and increasing long term shelf life and serviceability of this ammo. The projectile of this fine 7.62x54R ammo is also highly desirable as the bullet is 100% non-magnetic and range safe for all those shooting ranges that do not allow magnetic projectiles. This ammo is ideal for shooting in Mosin Nagants, PSL, Dragunov, or PKM rifles. Berdan primed brass case, 182 grain LEAD CORE heavy ball copper jacketed bullet (will not attract a magnet).

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